TrackNode v2 

Accurately tracking labor costs in any size farming operation is difficult and time consuming.  As weather and field conditions change, daily activities are constantly evolving.  Keeping track of where these activities take place and what these activities involve can be a paper work nightmare.  Other solutions that involve implementing a complex time-keeping solution that requires checking-in and checking-out for each activity change can yield mixed results.

The AgriLinx solution is both a time-keeping system and an automated cost coding program.  It works by giving each worker or crew leader a TrackNode device.  The TrackNode device can connect to traditional cell networks or AgriLinx Flex Network.  Workers check-in by toggling the switch on the TrackNode.  AgriLinx then stores GPS locations of these devices.  At the end of the day, our automated cost coding program uses pre-loaded geo-fences to create activities based on workers location.  These activities are automatically parsed and given cost accounting codes based on the field and commodity.  Once a controller approves these activities, a CSV file is created to upload directly into your payroll and accounting software.  No more single-entry keying for each activity.  This saves time in traditional entry methods and greatly improves accuracy.

A real-time mapping application gives you a birds-eye view of your operation and where your resources are.  Managers can access this portal through a native mobile app or from a web browser, enabling you to quickly assess field progress and allocate resources to efficiently complete the day's tasks.