Cloud Management

AgriLinx irrigation solution starts in the cloud.  By eliminating local servers to maintain, you can begin deploying hardware on a small level and scale up.  Cloud operation allows full control of your system from anywhere on any device.  Scheduling and manual operation are easily accessible and simple to use.  Nodes are connected to the cloud at all times and need minimal "on-site" infrastructure to function.  This makes deployment simple and initial hardware / installation costs low.


The StackNode is the key component to the AgriLinx irrigation solution.  This device can connect to traditional cell networks or the AgriLinx Flex Network.  Once connected, a variety of sensors and controls can be placed at the StackNode's location, giving you the ability to "stack" as many instruments as required by the location.  Sensors and control devices include valve controllers, soil moisture probes, weather stations, flow meters, and pressure transducers.  Clients can start out with only essential hardware components to get things running then easily add new hardware in the future, making the AgriLinx irrigation solution flexible and robust.



At AgriLinx, we understand the need to maintain local controls for specific applications.  The irrigation solution can be used in conjunction with previously installed controls such as VFDs and filter operations.  Clients have the option to place the AgriLinx irrigation system alongside these controls or to install new systems to replace them.  Customization allows you to install these systems to fit your needs and operation.