AgriLinx FLEX Network

AgriLinx FLEX Network

Self-Deployed network for high density node deployments

Cost-Efficient and Reliable

Connecting your farm is simple with the AgriLinx FLEX Network.  A single gateway can provide up to 5 miles of low-bandwidth data coverage.  Once established, Flex TrackNodes and Flex StackNodes can easily connect to the AgriLinx platform where you can access the data through your mobile or desktop dashboard.

Why Self-Deployed?

The self-deployed FLEX network was created to establish a single infrastructure across your farm to allow devices to connect and store data.  Particularly in specialty crop operations, node density is high.  Within your farm there are many resources including irrigation assets, equipment, and people to manage and capture data from.  By utilizing the Flex network, you can eliminate the need to use nodes with cellular connections that make large node deployments expensive on a recurring basis.  Only 20 nodes within a gateway's reach is needed to justify the Flex network installation.


The FLEX Network supports all of AgriLinx offerings:  equipment, labor, and irrigation.  Clients can start with an irrigation system deployment and later add equipment tracking capabilities without infrastructure changes or additional network hardware.  The power of the AgriLinx platform is unlocked when clients are able to leverage a Flex system across multiple applications.  This greatly reduces networking costs and recurring fees.

Low-Density Deployments

The FLEX network may not suite your operations needs.  For clients looking for small deployments in equipment tracking or weather monitoring, we built StackNodes and TrackNodes to connect to the new Verizon CatM1 network.  This gives clients who are looking to deploy less than 20 nodes the ability to access to the AgriLinx platform without deploying a Flex network.  The CatM1 network also provides a cost reduction from traditional cellular fees.