Wireless Backhauls

Connect remote locations of your operation with existing internet services by installing wireless backhauls in critical locations

Tractor Detail

Equipment Tracking

Get real-time updates on your desktop or mobile device on the whereabouts of your equipment.  Using our interactive map, you can easily search and find equipment within the network.  See historical data and ping in real-time to confirm equipment's location.


Irrigation Management

Our irrigation application allows cloud management of a robust scheduling and monitoring system.  AgriLinx irrigation solution eliminates local hosting of irrigation servers and provides a fully customizable hardware deployment of sensors, valve controllers, pump relays, and more.


Labor Tracking

Field workers have many jobs.  As the day progresses and weather changes, we tend to move from job to job.  Keep track of what fields employees are working in and code their time accordingly.  Cost accounting and payroll has never been this simple.


AgriLinx is a South Carolina based company created to serve the agriculture industry in the Southeast.  With experience from major agriculture enterprises in the South, AgriLinx brings practical and cost-effective solutions to market that make operations efficient, secure, and effective.


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